This month it’s International Women’s Day. Let’s hear it for the girls! To mark the occasion, we’re celebrating the role of women in the creation of your Woolenstocks.

All our slippers are hand-crafted by women. They combine the traditional skills of their community with their own talent and flair.

Embroidering slippers is an expression of identity, of belonging. It takes time, care and a commitment to the craft.

It is also a gift. Love, good wishes and a desire to nurture and bring healing are woven into the fabric of each pair of Woolenstocks. It’s part of what makes them so magical to wear.

Woolenstocks are crafted using traditional skills passed from mothers to daughters through the generations. But for many of these women, poverty has trapped their family for generations too.

Working to make your Woolenstocks gives this generation of women the chance to break the cycle. They have the chance to change their future – for themselves, and for their children.

These women are talented, skilled, hard-working. They’re earning a fair wage. They’re providing for their families and contributing to their economy.

Their entrepreneurial spirit and determination is an inspiration to others around them.

When women help other women, then together they walk on a proven route out of poverty. Woolenstocks just make that walk all the softer!