Never worn felt before? You might, quite reasonably, what’s all the fuss is about.

What’s felt got that synthetic slipper materials haven’t?

For the women who make your Woolenstocks, felt is more than a fabric. It’s a confidante, a canvas, a comfort for both weaver and wearer alike.

Felt has a sense of history. Roots in traditional culture. Centuries of storytelling woven into its soul.

But it’s not only the cultural richness of felt that makes it beautiful to wear. Your feet will feel the difference. Zhazgul, one of the women who designs and stitches your Woolenstocks in Kyrgyzstan, explains:

Felt provides the effect of a foot massage, promoting blood circulation. As a consequence, blood vessels dilate, your metabolism is activated and the healing process in tissues is improved. Natural materials like felt allow your skin to breathe and add extra warmth for your feet – to enhance the comfort of home.”