Felt may not be a fabric you’re used to wearing every day. But Kyrgyz nomads have been wearing felt for hundreds of years.

So we asked the experts – how do you care for your felt Woolenstocks?

Zhazgul, who designs and creates your Woolenstocks in her workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, gives us her tips:

  1. We recommend dry cleaning your Woolenstocks with a brush.
  2. In special cases felt slippers can also be hand-washed. Please ensure you use soap in warm water – no higher than 35 °ะก.  Otherwise, your slippers may significantly decrease in size under the influence of hot water or high mechanical pressure.
  3. Try to reshape your slippers while they are damp.
  4. Dry them in the shade to avoid discoloration from the sun.
  5. You may notice pellets on the surface of the slippers the first time you wear them. Once removed by hand, pellets will not appear again.