Sheep aren’t born pink. So how do your Woolenstocks come out in such vibrant colours? Truth is the women who make your slippers use aniline dyes which are safe and harmless for your health. But what if you fancy dying felt yourself?


Here’s a quick method using ingredients you’ll find at home. Not guaranteed to be colour-fast, but guaranteed to be fun.

You need:

Plain felt
White wine vinegar
Food colouring
Warm water

What to do:

1. Wet the felt in warm water.
2. Heat another pot of water on the hob, adding half a cup of white wine vinegar.
3. Stir in your food colouring. If you’re using a gel, dissolve it in hot water first.
4. Pop the felt in the pot and let it simmer till it absorbs the dye.
5. Rinse, squeeze out the water and hang your felt to dry. (Protect your furniture from colourful drips!)