Life is full of secrets.

So what’s the secret to sitting back, relaxing and really enjoying your life?

All answers welcome! But here’s an idea to get us started. What if the secret is being thankful?

Thank – full. Imagine feeling so full of thanks that there’s no room for anything else. It’s a proactive step that helps you appreciate the good things in life.

But where to start?

It’s not easy to be thankful if you’re not feeling it. But you can practice. Like any new skill, it feels strange, awkward, unnatural at first. But whatever your circumstances, there’s always one small, tiny thing to be grateful for. An in-joke with a friend. Dew, like jewels, on a spider’s web. Good coffee.

Start with this small thing and be thankful for it. Don’t worry about anything else – just feel thankful for this one small thing.

Then let it grow. Find another small thing. Thankfulness naturally expands. If you let it, it can take over.

Where thankfulness leads, other happy emotions follow. Start feeling thankful and you might notice contentment moving in too. Watch out for fulfillment, satisfaction, giggling and joy. They all like to hang out together and thankfulness is the ring leader.

So keep practicing. Become an expert, a global authority on gratitude.

You’ll attract people wanting to know your secret.