When you live in the mountains, ofcourse you know a thing or two about how to treat your feet. After a hard day’s trekking there’s nothing like a Himalayan salt scrub to make your feet feel like new. But if you don’t wake up to views of Everest in the morning you can still get all the benefits of the minerals in Himalayan salt.

The good news is that Himalayan salt scrubs are super-simple to customize and make yourself.

You’ll need:

4 parts Himalayan salt
2 parts coconut oil and/ or jojoba oil
A few drops of your favourite essential oils

1. Combine the salt and coconut/jojoba oil in a bowl.
2. Add in your essential oils till the scent is – mmm – just right.
3. Soak your feet, then scrub.
4. Rinse and dry.
5. Seek out your favourite slippers, a sofa and… relax.