No secrets here. We asked Zhazgul, from the Art Group in Bishkek exactly how your Woolenstocks are made. “During the whole process – from the creation of the idea to the final product – we focus our attention on a functional design with real ecological value,” she says.

But how is it done? Here are Zhazgul’s seven steps to make perfect embroidered slippers.

  1. Buy 100% natural wool. We buy it locally here in Kyrgyzstan, where traditional sheep farming in the highlands goes back generations
  2. Card the fibres to disentangle and prepare the wool
  3. Dye the wool. We use aniline dyes which are harmless to health
  4. Add water and soap to turn the wool into felt sheets
  5. Cut the sheets to shape
  6. Decorate with embroidery. This is the fun part!
  7. Assemble and stitch the decorated pieces into one whole shoe