Sink your feet into your Woolenstocks and you’ll know the instant comfort of felt. t’s an ‘instant’ comfort with its roots in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. For the women who make your Woolenstocks in Kyrgyzstan, working with felt is a way to connect with their nomadic ancestors.

Kyrgyz nomads lived in yurts made of felt, wore clothing made of felt and passed on the skill of embroidering felt to each new generation.

“Felt was the only known material which accompanies a person throughout their whole life,” explains Zhazgul, who works with the Tumar Art Group in Kyrgyzstan to make your Woolenstocks. “The material provides safety infused with softness – as well as the comfort of nature.”

For Zhazgul’s nomadic ancestors, felt was everything.

Felt meant shelter. Felt meant warmth and protection from the elements. Felt meant hospitality and family together.

Felt also meant freedom. Living in felt yurts gave Kyrgyz nomads the freedom to travel, to live in harmony with nature and to pursue the life they chose.

“The instant comfort of felt is an idea derived from the past,” says Zhazgul. “We work with felt as a traditional material to reintroduce it to the modern day.”