Colour, vibrancy, movement, fun – it’s easy to see why the women who make your Woolenstocks find joy in their work.
But where does their inspiration come from?
“Our main inspiration is nature. Appreciation of nature is inherited from our ancestors who used to be nomads of the Central Asian mountains. Therefore every pattern has a connection to the elements of our surrounding environment. To be more concrete, the patterns represent plants, sun, fertility and trefoil,” says Zhazgul, of the Art Group who design your Woolenstocks in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Chinara, a 30-year-old Woolenstocks designer, takes her inspiration from all around her.
“I usually design in a traditional nomadic style. Lately I’ve become interested in combining ancient decorations with new forms,” she says.
“I love to improvise while I work. I can walk on the street or park and notice something unusual. This small element can inspire me for the whole day and affect the design I am working on.”