The Woolenstocks Story

The story of Woolenstocks starts in the Himalayas. Tired from his travels, Woogo needed to rest his blistered feet. During his travels, he came across a tribe dancing in their village. He noticed each dancer wore a pair of beautiful slippers. They were the most colorful slippers Woogo had ever seen. The tribe’s skilled artisans saw his travel-worn feet and made him a unique pair of felt slippers. The slippers brought him instant comfort. Soon he was dancing to celebrate with his newfound friends.

The Woolenstocks Story

Why Felted Wool?

For the women who make your Woolenstocks, felt is more than a fabric. It’s a canvas to create comfortable works of art. Felt wool has a history rich in traditional culture where centuries of storytelling are added to each stitch. Best of all? Not only does felt look amazing and feel great, but there are so many other benefits to wool slippers.

Retains shape – The dense fibres in wool always return to size. It won’t stretch over time. No matter how often you wear them, your felt slippers will always retain their shape.

Perfect for any climate – When most people think of wool, they think of colder climates. But wool is perfect for any climate or temperature! Wool stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can literally wear your felt slippers in any climate.

Dyes beautifully – If you’re looking for a bold, colourful addition to your everyday look, you’ve found it! Felt absorbs dyes easily, and the lovely colonies won’t fade over time. Red, pink, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue and every colour in between, our talented craftswoman can use the colours of the rainbow to create wearable works of art.

Eco friendly – We take great pride in crafting, handmade shoes and slippers that reflect our high standards. Environmentally friendly from a renewable resource, we craft all of our Woolenstocks with high-quality materials.

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As soon as you step into your Woolenstocks, your feet will feel the difference. Sustainably crafted and socially conscientious, our colorful wool creations are the perfect addition to provide comfort and relief after a long day of adventures.

So let’s take a walk together! We look forward to making your next pair of Woolenstocks.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]