On February 22nd, individuals around the globe joined in solidarity to celebrate the globally recognized ‘Be Humble Day.’ For those of you unfamiliar with the day, let’s start with the basics.

What is Be Humble Day?

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Celebrated every year on February 22nd, Be Humble Day strives to bring together the various cultures, religions, and philosophies from the around the world to stress and celebrate the importance of practicing humility in our daily lives.

This fun holiday promotes the idea of accepting human flaws and errors, both of which make us better human beings. It’s a day to listen to others, and not boast about one’s personal achievements or life. Instead, we use the day to accept the basic human condition that we all have faults we need to work on.

The History of Be Humble Day

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In a fascinating twist of irony, the individual responsible for the founding of Be Humble Day remains unknown. Out of respect for the true meaning of the day, this person upheld their humility by refusing to brag about starting a recognized day of celebration.

Did you know the term humble pie, meaning to apologize after a serious error, comes from a mispronunciation of the world umble pie? Whereas oftentimes it can be hard to swallow our pride, it was surely hard to eat an umble pie! ‘Umbles’ were the innards of a bird, to include the gizzards, heart, and liver. Umble pie was a popular meal among people with little means in medieval times.

How to Celebrate Be Humble Day

There is a distinct difference between humility, humanity, and being humble.

Humanity is the simple act of being human, and recognizing the shared qualities (and equalities) of being human.

Humility is the state of being humble, and not believing you are better than anyone else. To be humble is to recognize we all possess special gifts and talents unique to the world.

To be humble is to remain modest and not arrogant of one’s personal achievements.

There are many ways to celebrate Be Humble Day, or the tactful art of humility on a daily basis, to include:

– Setting aside a moment each day to appreciate someone else’s achievements.

– Dedicating a portion of the day to introspective thinking aimed at making your life better and more productive.

– Gift your children a lesson in humility and teach them the value of this virtue.

Humility may be the most challenging virtues to truly attain. Simply claiming to have humility is in and of itself an act of pride. Essentially, you are prideful in your humility, you need to brush up on the art of remaining humble.

Whether you chose to celebrate on be Humble Day or not, you can practice the virtue of humility on a daily basis.