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Felted Wool Slippers

Warm, Soft, Comfortable Slippers Made from Pure Wool

Woolenstocks Felted Wool Slippers are warm, soft, comfortable, come in various styles and colours and are all made by artisans from 100% pure wool. These slippers feature natural felt, making them soft, breathable and easy on your feet. Perfect for when you want to wear something comfortable and stylish without the hassle of slipping or chafing. All our footwear is handmade in Himalayas by talented artisans. We source the highest quality of premium wool, giving you the most comfortable & breathable felt slippers you’ve ever worn. Our sheepskin slippers will keep your feet warm throughout the coldest winter nights and cool them off during the hottest summer days.

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Unique all season slippers with 100% organic felt wool and faux fur. Each slipper and boot is individually crafted over the course of 40 hours.
Mouna Velvet Grey side
Roya Lungy Olive side
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Mouna Velvet Black side

The most unique and comfortable slippers our world has to offer.

They have finally arrived! The new Arwa and Sinem slippers are available now in our webshop.
Each slipper and boot is individually crafted over the course of 40 hours meaning that no one product is the same. Every design is characterised by colour and the utmost comfort immediately putting the consumer at ease within their environment.

Organic Slippers

Our Organic slippers will help keep your feet feeling fresh and clean.

Natural Slippers

Natural Slippers to give you style for comfort experience all day long.

Ethical slippers

Our Slippers are Ethically crafted with sustainable organic felt wool material.

Womens Wool Slippers

Breathable, Comfortable Experience for Every Women

Woolenstocks womens wool slippers are carefully designed to provide the perfect fit and warmth. It is also a better way to stay comfortable, dry and warm during those uncomfortable moments. Women everywhere love a pair of cozy slippers that look great and feel great, too. We’ve got a wide selection of natural footwear from our website. These handmade ladies’ wool slippers are super soft and comfortable. They come in different sizes, so they’ll fit you perfectly. You’re bound to fall in love with them and want to wear them.

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Supporting Female Artisans Around the World

We are proud to support local factories in remote regions to empower their growth and development.  In return, these factories hire all female artisans, empowering them to provide valuable income for their families to find long-term solutions to poverty.

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An overview of our handmade slippers and boots collection.

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