As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, we would like to take a moment to express our sincerest thoughts and prayers to those who have been impacted by the harsh realities of this disease. In particular, those infected by the virus and their loved ones. A very heartfelt thank you to all of those individuals who are on the front lines working to keep everyone safe. From doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and first responders to those individuals who are still physically reporting to work to keep daily life running, we appreciate all that you are doing to take care of us.

Now more than ever, we realize that we are all in this together. From social distancing and school closures to temporarily shutting down business and production to experiencing the impact of the virus itself, we all feel the impact of COVID-19 in some way, shape, or form. As we continue through these unprecedented times, we must remember that while this is a pandemic, it is one that we can mitigate and control. We have the power to take care of each other and to weather this storm. Together, by adhering to local, national, and world health guidelines, we can slow down the transmission of the coronavirus, prevent infections, and save lives.

Like all other things in life, this too shall pass. Now is the time to take care of each other and spend time with our loved ones (whether in person or via video conference). When we come out on the other side of this pandemic, the Woolenstocks team will be operational again and ready to make our customers happy again with comfortable wool slippers and boots. In the meantime, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all during these uncertain times. Stay safe.


The Woolenstocks Family