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Handcrafted by Female Artisans for the Entire Family

Welcome to Woolenstocks,

Where our journey starts one stitch at a time. From the enchanting mountains of the himalaya region to the bustling city of London, our slippers are hand stitched with the finest materials for the whole family to enjoy. Our handmade design process starts with eco-friendly, organic materials that are not only animal friendly but also look as amazing as the feel. 

Comfortable and durable, with a bold, unique design, each pair of handcrafted Woolenstocks felt slippers are designed to make each step of your journey a comfortable one.

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How it all Began

The story of Woolenstocks begins in the Himalayas. Tired from his travels and trekking, a weary sheepherder named Woogoo needed to rest his blistered feet. During his travels, he came across a tribe dancing and celebrating in their village. He quickly noticed each dancer wore a pair of beautiful slippers. In fact, they were the most colourful slippers Woogoo had ever seen! 

When the tribe’s skilled artisans saw Woogoo’s exhausted and weary feet, they handmade a unique pair of felt slippers to ease his pain. The slippers brought him instant comfort. Soon he was dancing to celebrate with his newfound friends. As Woogoo left the tribe to continue on his journey, he decided their extraordinary handmade designs needed to be shared with the world. He made it his personal mission to help bring their unique designs to light, and thus the birth of Woolenstocks.  

Today, Woolenstocks mingles the time-honoured traditions of Himalayian craftsmanship with unique stories from all over the world. Every pair is crafted with love, time and skills to provide you comfort and restore your energy – so that like Woogoo, you too will be ready to dance once again. 

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Supporting Female Artisans Around the World

We are proud to support local factories in remote regions to empower their growth and development. In return, these factories hire all female artisans, empowering them to provide valuable income for their families to find long-term solutions to poverty. This income not only offers food and education to their family but also strengthens their voice so they can speak out against the injustices they face. 

At Woolenstocks, we’re committed to empowering women and children around the world. We believe we can make a difference one stitch, one pair of slippers, and one family at a time. 


Attention to Detail

Stitched with love and precise attention to detail, Woolenstocks handmade felt slippers traditions of Himalayian craftsmanship with modern form and function. Sustainably crafted from the finest organic, animal friendly faux fur, each pair of hand stitched slippers takes 40 hours to complete! Our colourful handmade slippers and boots are the perfect addition to take you on your life’s journey in comfortable style. 

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