The Psychology of Colour – How Colour Influences Our Mood

how colour influences our mood woolenstocks

What is it about a rainbow that offers people a sense of joy and happiness? While it certainly signifies the calm after a storm, the individual colours directly impact our minds and moods. Let’s take a look at the psychology of colour. What is Color Psychology? The psychology of colour is based on the mental […]

How to Care for Your Wool Shoes

how to care for your woolenstocks wool shoes

In a world of mass production, every pair of Woolenstocks boots and slippers are handcrafted to perfection. Durable and designed to withstand even the wildest of life’s adventures, we craft our shoes to last. In fact, it takes over 40 hours to embroider a single pair of Woolenstocks shoes. Wool shoes are naturally easy to […]

World Refugee Day 2019 – #StepWithRefugees

woolenstocks stand with refugee

Since 2001, the United Nations and more than 100 countries have observed World Refugee Day annually on June 20th. World Refugee Day honours the determination and courage of those who have been forced to flee their homes due to violence, persecution, civil unrest, and/or war. This year, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR,) asked people from […]

Wool Slippers – Research Shows Wearing Comfortable Shoes Increases Productivity

comfortable wool slippers and productivity

Wool Slippers – Research Shows Wearing Comfortable Shoes Increases Productivity After a hard day of work, you come home, take off your shoes, and finally settle down to relax before starting the next day’s grind. As soon as you prop your feet you realize “wow, my feet hurt.” We’ve all been there. Whether you’re wearing […]

Every Day is the Perfect Day for Wool Shoes

wool slippers and boots by woolenstocks

Comfortable and durable, with a bold, unique design, each pair of handcrafted Woolenstocks felt slippers is perfect for everyday wear. Stitched with love and precise attention to detail, felt slippers blend a time-honoured tradition with modern form and function.   Why Felted Wool? For the artisans who make your Woolenstocks, felt is more than a […]

Celebrate Your Employees

kyrgez women woonlenstocks

This month marks the celebration of Employee Appreciation. Every year, from the first of March, companies around the world take time to celebrate their employees. And while it’s great to set aside a day once a year to show our deep appreciation for the individuals who form the foundation of our company, we should be […]

The Powerful Art of Humility – Be Humble Day

3 be humble day woolenstocks

On February 22nd, individuals around the globe joined in solidarity to celebrate the globally recognized ‘Be Humble Day.’ For those of you unfamiliar with the day, let’s start with the basics. What is Be Humble Day? Celebrated every year on February 22nd, Be Humble Day strives to bring together the various cultures, religions, and philosophies […]

Valentine’s Day – Giving Love to the World

Regardless of where you live, the world marks certain days to commemorate the act of love and kindness. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th in the United Kingdom, UAE or Argentina, or you celebrate White Day a little later on March 14th in Korea, the world is poised to spread joy, love, and […]

The Joy of Finding the Perfect Gift

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching. Notorious for long lines and amazing door-busting bargains that sell slippers, boots and etc, it’s the perfect time of year to find a great deal. Perhaps more exciting than the Black Friday deal itself is the excitement of finding the perfect gift for your family, friends, and […]

Harvest Your Happiness this Autumn

harvest your happiness this autumn with woolenstocks

Autumn is truly a season of change. As we transition from Summer into Autumn, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. The days are becoming noticeably shorter, our children are headed back to school, and the weather is shifting. So how can we stay grounded and present in the […]

The Benefits of Felt Slippers

The Benefits of Felt Slippers woolenstocks 2

The Woolenstocks Story The story of Woolenstocks starts in the Himalayas. Tired from his travels, Woogo needed to rest his blistered feet. During his travels, he came across a tribe dancing in their village. He noticed each dancer wore a pair of beautiful slippers. They were the most colorful slippers Woogo had ever seen. The […]

Comfortable, Cosy and Colourful – Children’s Organic Felt Slippers

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Comfortable, cosy and colourful, a pair of handcrafted felt slippers are the perfect choice for the child on the go! Stitched with love and precise attention to detail, each pair of Woolenstocks blends a time-honoured tradition of storytelling with modern form and function.    Organic Children’s Wool Felt Slippers and Booties In a world of […]

Where do your Woolenstocks call home?

Festival of Traditional Handicrafts in Kyrgyzstan 820x410

Wherever you are, your Woolenstocks will happily tuck themselves under the bed and make themselves at home. They’ll watch box sets with you on a lazy Sunday morning. They’ll welcome you home when you’ve been running in the rain. They’ll make your friends curious – where could such happy slippers come from? It’s a good […]

How to make a Himalayan salt scrub

How to make a Himalayan salt scrub woolenstocks 1

When you live in the mountains, ofcourse you know a thing or two about how to treat your feet. After a hard day’s trekking there’s nothing like a Himalayan salt scrub to make your feet feel like new. But if you don’t wake up to views of Everest in the morning you can still get […]

How to dye felt wool

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Sheep aren’t born pink. So how do your Woolenstocks come out in such vibrant colours? Truth is the women who make your slippers use aniline dyes which are safe and harmless for your health. But what if you fancy dying felt yourself? Here’s a quick method using ingredients you’ll find at home. Not guaranteed to […]

How do you feel about felt

How do you feel about felt woolenstocks 1

Never worn felt before? You might, quite reasonably, what’s all the fuss is about. What’s felt got that synthetic slipper materials haven’t? For the women who make your Woolenstocks, felt is more than a fabric. It’s a confidante, a canvas, a comfort for both weaver and wearer alike. Felt has a sense of history. Roots […]

Seven steps to make perfect slippers

seven steps to make perfect slippers woolenstocks 1 1

No secrets here. We asked Zhazgul, from the Art Group in Bishkek exactly how your Woolenstocks are made. “During the whole process – from the creation of the idea to the final product – we focus our attention on a functional design with real ecological value,” she says. But how is it done? Here are […]

How to care for your Woolenstocks

how to care for your woolenstocks

Felt may not be a fabric you’re used to wearing every day. But Kyrgyz nomads have been wearing felt for hundreds of years. So we asked the experts – how do you care for your felt Woolenstocks? Zhazgul, who designs and creates your Woolenstocks in her workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, gives us her tips: We […]

The hidding meanings of felt

hidden meanings of felt woolenstocks

Sink your feet into your Woolenstocks and you’ll know the instant comfort of felt. t’s an ‘instant’ comfort with its roots in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. For the women who make your Woolenstocks in Kyrgyzstan, working with felt is a way to connect with their nomadic ancestors. Kyrgyz nomads lived in yurts […]

Hard day? 5 steps to treat sore feet

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Hard day? Try these tips to get you back on your feet. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time. 1. Put your feet It’s true. Putting your feet up after a long day feels good. It’s for a reason – elevating weary feet helps to improve circulation. So find a sofa, stretch out and […]