The inspiration behind our designs

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Colour, vibrancy, movement, fun – it’s easy to see why the women who make your Woolenstocks find joy in their work. But where does their inspiration come from? “Our main inspiration is nature. Appreciation of nature is inherited from our ancestors who used to be nomads of the Central Asian mountains. Therefore every pattern has […]

How to enjoy your life & where to start?

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Life is full of secrets. So what’s the secret to sitting back, relaxing and really enjoying your life? All answers welcome! But here’s an idea to get us started. What if the secret is being thankful? Thank – full. Imagine feeling so full of thanks that there’s no room for anything else. It’s a proactive […]

For the love of craft

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Let’s celebrate love – it’s that Valentine’s time of year! I’m not thinking of the hearts-and-flowers kind of love, though. There’s another kind of love worth celebrating too. It’s the love of making beautiful things. The women who make your Woolenstocks know this love. It’s sewn into every stitch. In the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains […]

Helping women walk out of poverty

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This month it’s International Women’s Day. Let’s hear it for the girls! To mark the occasion, we’re celebrating the role of women in the creation of your Woolenstocks. All our slippers are hand-crafted by women. They combine the traditional skills of their community with their own talent and flair. Embroidering slippers is an expression of identity, […]